Friday, January 16, 2015

My First Tap - Why an App for very young children?

When we created My First Tap our son was 8 months old and he began tap everywhere, also on our devices creating... panic!
We thought of an App very very simple, that responded to his tap, because this was the his only gesture. He was too young to use one finger at a time, and other apps for kids were still too difficult for him.

But why a baby 8 months old needs to interact with an iPad?
Devices are part of our life and children are curious about everything!
We decided to don't exclude him from technology, but to create something baby-friendly.
So when he arrived near me, and I was using the iPad, I opened My First Tap, he used it for a while starting some animations and I felt very good because I didn't said him "Don't touch, you're too young for this!". I satisfied his curiosity and he was very happy!
... and for me that was a very good sensation!

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